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free MP3: COME CLOSER – Close-Up TV Ad/Commercial

Saturday, June 6th, 2009

the latest CLOSE UP BUBBLE TV commercial is too cute and caught the attention of many through the enchanting intro of COME CLOSER, a track performed by a still unknown artist (it’s not IKLAN because IKLAN means ADVERTISEMENT in indonesian language) and was later remade by a popular and talented Filipino musician, RICO BLANCO. blanco’s version has just been officially released for radio plays and i’m sure a lot of fans are looking forward to a music video of it.

anyway, here’s a youtube video of the advertisement i’m talking about:

UPDATE UPDATE for everyone’s peace of mind:

it was AUGUST 2008 when the indian version of the CLOSEUP BUBBLE COMMERCIAL was released. same exact concept and setting (in bangkok) as what is being shown here in the PHILIPPINES. but the music is written by a female indiepop singer named SONA MAHAPATRA and the song is entitled PAAS AAO NA (Come Closer Now). this single will be included in her upcoming album this year 2009, entitled “MUMBAI”.

if UNILEVER (close-up manufacturer) will come up with a PHILIPPINE VERSION of this commercial with RICO BLANCO singing in the background, i have no idea! hindi ko po alam. i THINK that artists who were commissioned by unilever were asked to come up with their own words or LYRICS for the same MELODY which is an indian original. maganda rin ung female version. watch and listen:

i’m sharing a full MP3 download of the CLOSE UP BUBBLE SONG in ENGLISH (not by rico yet) so if you want it, simply SUBSCRIBE TO EYCEE via EMAIL and you’ll receive the track. i’m sending it ASAP. enjoy!

SEBO DE MACHO experience

Monday, May 25th, 2009


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Wednesday, May 13th, 2009


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free CHOCOLATE NIPS commercial MP3

Thursday, October 9th, 2008

do you remember this classic jingle?

you wanna see what happens in a bag of nips?
what goes on before they touch my lips?

they make a rainbow…
(chocolate nips)
a choco rainbow…
(chocolate nips)

and then they color all the flowers and they paint the trees
they’re sweet and delicious, look at all those bees

when i want fun, i get a bag of nips
and make a rainbow
(nips, nips)

if you’ve resided in the philippines during the 80’s, those words would sound familiar. every kid used to sing along with it (doesn’t matter if we got the lyrics right or wrong) and enjoy a cheap bag of this local m&m’s.

let’s hope that somebody would upload the classic NIPS commercial if they have kept a copy of it. too bad, there was no youtube then and no easy tv-to-computer capture devices. but anyway, here’s the revived jingle and video of the new chocolate nips commercial which i find quite very catchy and interesting too. check it out:

brings back sweet childhood memories :)


due to increasing number of email requests, i just decided to upload the song so that anyone may download it for free anytime. the MP3 is now available for download through this link: NEW CHOCOLATE NIPS COMMERCIAL JINGLE MP3. guaranteed safe and virus-free. thanks for dropping by guys!

how to get a postal ID / identity card

Friday, August 29th, 2008

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street games

Monday, March 17th, 2008

even if i am a computer person, somehow i’m still one of those who do not agree that children should just spend their time playing computer and video games instead of the real street games that develop not only self-discipline but also the character and agility of the person. my younger sister, aged 9, is just one good example of modern kids who would rather spend her time in front of the computer exploring some stuff and ignoring the fun, exciting noises outside made by the other kids in the neighborhood. i feel like she’s losing her social life at a very early age. not only that, i’m worried that she would grow up skipping that childhood stage and would regret it later on when she wouldn’t have time to play because of studying more and/or going to work. so now, my mom and i are introducing her to some popular street games that we used to play and we’re glad that she’s having fun mingling with other kids. there’s a big difference between her laughter whenever she’s all by herself and whenever she’s with friends. we know that she’s having the time of her life.

i would like to quote this short article written by Cely Cunada about PHILIPPINE STREET GAMES / FILIPINO NATIVE GAMES. this brings back memories of my childhood and makes me miss my siblings and other playmates.


Children in the Philippines are proud of their native games because these are the games they (and their forefathers) developed. They invited games that make use of what are around them. Such as: ‘bato’ (throwing piece) for “piko”; coconut for “bao” game; pebbles for “sintak”; bamboo for “tayakad”, “tingga” (lead) for “sipa”; etc.

There are no written rules to execute these games. There are just guidelines passed on by the older brother or sister or classmate. Rules are changed or made up, sometimes deliberated through a heated debate.Because parks are hard to find, the games they play adopt to where they are at a particular time. Universal to elementary-school-age children is theclick the image to view the filipino native games use of school fields as their playground. Games played are usually those that test ones endurance. Like “kingking” – a one-foot-hopping relay game. Player hops toward the flag pole and around it. Whichever team finishes first wins. The players agreed at how many number of rounds to make.

Another game is “luksong-tinik” – with the teacher’s long stick or with the school’s loose fence, two ‘tayas’ (its) hold on to the two ends of the stick, bringing the stick higher and higher while a third person try to leap over the stick without touching it. Whoever leaps the highest wins.

They also have their own versions of ball games. One is an imitation of softball, called “play ball”. Instead of using baseball bat, the hitter uses his/her palm to hit the ball. Another is called “touch ball”. There are two teams of players. One team (‘taya’) is divided into two groups, lined-up facing each other, the space in between them is fixed. The other team (‘panggitna’ or middle) stays at the space-in-between, facing the ‘taya’ group who has the ball. The objective of the game is for the ‘taya’ to hit the ‘panggitna’ with the ball one at a time. The ‘panggitna’ (each one thinking he/she is the target) tries to evade the hit without going out of the designated space perimeter. Every player who gets hit, steps out of the game. When all the ‘panggitnas’ are out, it is time for teams to change roles.

On week-ends, holidays or after school, the ‘silong’ (crawling space under the house) and the narrow streets become the designated ‘parks’. “Babuybabuyan” or “kurokutok” is an example of ‘silong’ game. The children play with the insects that wallos in the soil and a strand of hair. The object is to catch as many insects as one can with the hair. “Tumbang-preso” is a street-game – a revised vesion of “hide-and-seek”. This game makes use of an empty milk can which a player kicks as far as he/she can. The ‘taya’ tries to find it while the rest of the players hide. The taya’s aim is to leave the can in an upright position on a designated area (called the ‘base’) and try to find the hiding players. Players compete for the first one to reach the base – ‘taya’ to touch the can while still in upright position which signals his replacement by the player he found; the hiding player/s to kick the can so they can hide again.
Filipino children are definitely creative! But some (or more?) still long for Barbie dolls and Transformers.

NIDO commercial, free MP3

Saturday, March 15th, 2008

this is one of the best tv ads ever made… i grew up with strict and protective parents and this ad reminded me of the days when i was restricted to do stuff that as a child then, i had the right to experience. well my parents are not that strict now so, whatever. here’s the NIDO 3+ tv ad / commercial that i’m talking about:

“…see, i learned.”

i think i also need to include the lyrics and FREE MP3 of the new NIDO commercial here with SHARON CUNETA and her kids because many people are requesting for it:

(sharon, miel, frankie pangilinan)

Look at me mom
Shining like the sun
Bright as the day
You’re my number one
And there’s no treasure
That I will cherish like you

And when I smile
They all see you glow
And they all know
You’re my number one
My one and only joy
Is to give you my love

My one love for you
I give through and through
I see you and the signs that bring joy
That all the world can see so clearly

Look at me mom
Shining like the sun
Bright as the day
You’re my number one

click the link below if you want a free MP3 copy of this song. thank you for dropping by and happy bonding with your kids!!!

CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD: You’re My Number One – Sharon Cuneta and kids (NIDO COMMERCIAL)


Sunday, August 19th, 2007

people of the philippines, si MERLYN CABRERA FABRO or MERLYN FABRO kasama ang kanyang asawang si EDWIN FABRO ay may malaking pagkakautang sa maraming tao. dati ko pong ka-opisina si MERLYN at ngayon ay hindi na sya pumapasok (AWOL). kasalukuyan pong nagtatago ang mag-asawa at tuluyan ng tinakbuhan ang mga utang nila sa opisina na mahigit kumulang 70,000 pesos.

kung sakaling makakasalamuha nyo po ang mga taong ito, MAG-INGAT! sila po ay magaling mangakong magbabayad kahit may patubo pa, ngunit naglalahong parang bula kapag singilan na. huwag pong maniniwala sa mga pambobola at iba pang kasinungalingang ginagamit nila para makuha ang simpatya ng mga taong gusto nilang kuhanan ng pera. mayroon po akong listahan at katibayan ng mga taong pinagkakautangan nila.

hinihiling ko po, kasama ng iba pa nilang nabiktima, na ipagbigay alam nyo po sa amin kaagad kung sakaling alam nyo ang kasalukuyang tinitirahan at kontak number ng taong ito dahil umalis na po sila sa dati nilang tirahan at hindi na rin ma-kontak ang kanyang cellphone.

UPDATE: 08-October-2007

hindi po totoong may sakit o patay na ang nanay nya. ito po ay napatunayan ng ilan sa mga kaibigan naming pinuntahan ang family house ng mga CABRERA sa pasay. ayon po sa kanyang kapatid na personal nilang nakausap, matagal na daw pong BANNED sa pamilya nila si Merlyn dahil may ginawa daw po itong ayaw na nilang pagusapan pa. taon na din daw nila itong hindi nakakasama o nakakausap.

here’s another thread link from my other website:

update: 30-August-2008

Merlyn Fabro is now employed in Concentrix (formerly known as Link2Support) in Eastwood Libis. mga peeps, mag-ingat kayo dyan at wag maniwala sa pagda-drama nya. ilang beses nya na pinapatay ang mother nya para lang makakuha ng pera. to the management, fake ang mga documents at iba pang papers na pine-present nyan kaya paki-verify before nyo sya i-employ. she might have told you that she’s been unemployed for years because she’s trying to conceive but that’s a lie. sanay na sanay na yan magsinungaling, kaya wag na kayong magtiwala dyan.