free CHOCOLATE NIPS commercial MP3

do you remember this classic jingle?

you wanna see what happens in a bag of nips?
what goes on before they touch my lips?

they make a rainbow…
(chocolate nips)
a choco rainbow…
(chocolate nips)

and then they color all the flowers and they paint the trees
they’re sweet and delicious, look at all those bees

when i want fun, i get a bag of nips
and make a rainbow
(nips, nips)

if you’ve resided in the philippines during the 80’s, those words would sound familiar. every kid used to sing along with it (doesn’t matter if we got the lyrics right or wrong) and enjoy a cheap bag of this local m&m’s.

let’s hope that somebody would upload the classic NIPS commercial if they have kept a copy of it. too bad, there was no youtube then and no easy tv-to-computer capture devices. but anyway, here’s the revived jingle and video of the new chocolate nips commercial which i find quite very catchy and interesting too. check it out:

brings back sweet childhood memories :)


due to increasing number of email requests, i just decided to upload the song so that anyone may download it for free anytime. the MP3 is now available for download through this link: NEW CHOCOLATE NIPS COMMERCIAL JINGLE MP3. guaranteed safe and virus-free. thanks for dropping by guys!

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22 Responses to “free CHOCOLATE NIPS commercial MP3”

  1. dhale says:

    hey! I’ve been looking for an mp3 of this jingle! Care to share it? Thanks! =)

  2. corrine tayag says:


  3. corrine tayag says:

    need mp3, tnx

  4. munak says:

    yes i remember the classic nips commercial. i was hoping to find the original of it. but so far this is the best that i can find.

    would appreciate it if you can send me a copy also.


  5. munak says:

    i still remember this commercial before. that only shows my age hahahah

    would love to have a copy of it even if its not the original one that we all know of

  6. Lyn Llanillo says:

    Can you share your copy of the nips jingle? I would really appreciate it. Thank you!!!!!!!!!

  7. Celinie says:

    Could I ask for an MP3? :D

    I’m going to annoy my friend…AKA the girl who’s singing the jingle in the video you just posted above :P haha.

  8. lee says:

    hi pa send naman ng mp3 nyan thanks bibili ako bago cell phone i pa ring tone ko thanks thanks

    tsaka nga pala kung may betamax tape or vcd or dvd ka nung original

    ang pede mo option na gawin is kung may tv tuner capture yung pc mo pede input jack lang

    thanks :)

  9. bingo tongco says:

    could you send me the MP3? thanks

  10. pia says:

    send it please!:)..thanks!

  11. Sunlight says:

    Hey.. can you send me the mp3..pls?

  12. Mara says:

    hello! :)
    can you send me a copy for my phone? :D

  13. Eda says:

    Hi, cakewarrior
    Could u send me the mp3?
    Please and Thank you :)

  14. jensey says:

    i would like to have an mp3 copy of this jingle,could you please send me? thankie!

  15. faisal says:

    The concept of this advertising is quite new and fresh. The kid creating different artwork with different color chocolates is very appealing to not only kids but also to adults like me who like chocolates. If you want to similar stuff like this you may also visit

  16. janiz says:

    Hi there! do u still have the mp3 of this song?
    I really hope so :D Happy New Year..

  17. aian says:

    can i have mp3 too? Please..


  18. TAN says:

    hi, could you send me a copy of the jingle of the classic nips commercial? i’ve been looking for it everywhere… :(( thanks thanks

  19. cakewarrior says:

    hello guys! sorry for the late response. i’ve made the MP3 download available here:

    i’m also still looking for the classic commercial pero hirap makita e. i’ll update this post if ever makakuha ko. salamat po!

  20. Sunlight says:


    hope you’ll get a copy of the classic one..! bet it’s nicer..! =)

  21. jassy says:

    can u send me the mp3 of nips i want it badly thanks thanks.. =)

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