free MP3: COME CLOSER – Close-Up TV Ad/Commercial

the latest CLOSE UP BUBBLE TV commercial is too cute and caught the attention of many through the enchanting intro of COME CLOSER, a track performed by a still unknown artist (it’s not IKLAN because IKLAN means ADVERTISEMENT in indonesian language) and was later remade by a popular and talented Filipino musician, RICO BLANCO. blanco’s version has just been officially released for radio plays and i’m sure a lot of fans are looking forward to a music video of it.

anyway, here’s a youtube video of the advertisement i’m talking about:

UPDATE UPDATE for everyone’s peace of mind:

it was AUGUST 2008 when the indian version of the CLOSEUP BUBBLE COMMERCIAL was released. same exact concept and setting (in bangkok) as what is being shown here in the PHILIPPINES. but the music is written by a female indiepop singer named SONA MAHAPATRA and the song is entitled PAAS AAO NA (Come Closer Now). this single will be included in her upcoming album this year 2009, entitled “MUMBAI”.

if UNILEVER (close-up manufacturer) will come up with a PHILIPPINE VERSION of this commercial with RICO BLANCO singing in the background, i have no idea! hindi ko po alam. i THINK that artists who were commissioned by unilever were asked to come up with their own words or LYRICS for the same MELODY which is an indian original. maganda rin ung female version. watch and listen:

i’m sharing a full MP3 download of the CLOSE UP BUBBLE SONG in ENGLISH (not by rico yet) so if you want it, simply SUBSCRIBE TO EYCEE via EMAIL and you’ll receive the track. i’m sending it ASAP. enjoy!

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  1. Dy says:

    hi just subscribed.. please send the song. thanks

  2. tom says:

    hey just subscribed. ill wait for your mail. tnx

  3. puransisuko says:

    subscription finished. pls send it to, eicee

    do u have the version by rico blanco?

    if u have it, can you please also send it?

    actually, i like his version better. mala Chris Martin

  4. derp says:

    subscribed too please send :) thanks!

  5. derpderpderp says:

    Subscribed too please send :) thanks in advance!

  6. ja florendo says:

    hey i ve signed up already, can i have the song pls? thanks

  7. Maya Katrina says:

    HI I would like to get a copy of the song COME Closer. Can you send me a copy? I’ve already subscribed to eycee…thanks

  8. cakewarrior says:

    sent sent sent :)

  9. jix says:

    i am waiting for the mp3.. i hope to have it… thank you..

  10. mhark says:


    already subscribed to eycee…. can you please send the song..


  11. emocean says:

    please send mp3 to many thanks..

  12. sheiel says:

    I registered already, pls send the mp3. Tnx!

  13. battery says:

    subscribed^_^ hoping for that wonderful and inspiring song to come ^_^
    more power

  14. Ria says:

    hi..tnks about the version of Rico Blanco? Can you please give me…that was better that the original from indonesia..pls pls pls..tnks a lot!

  15. justafan says:

    hey, jst subscribed to eycee..can u send the song?:) thanks!:)

  16. full metal says:

    I believe rico blanco composed this song. check it on wikipedia.

  17. cakewarrior says:

    sent to subscribers.
    ALSO, i updated this post with a new info regarding the song. as you may have noticed, rico blanco’s lyrics are different from what we heard in the commercial. his lyrics are his own, but the melody belongs to someone else.

  18. drummergirl says:

    hi! i subsribed already… when will i get the mp3? :) thanks so much. i really love the song!

  19. innah says:

    Hi I really love the song come closer .. Can You give me some copy please ?

  20. innah says:

    Hi I really love the song come closer .. can I get a copy ?

  21. romi says:

    here’s my email thanks

  22. dave says:

    hi there… just made the subscription… pls send me copy of the song… tnx n advance…….

  23. full metal says:

    yes yes… just like what orange and lemon did w the sunsilk theme before…. it feels like an 80’s song, the one that rico did… he’s one of the best lyricist in the Philippines. kick-ass. hands down!

  24. Kath says:

    Hi, Do you have the verison of Rico?

  25. Kath says:

    Hi, Do you have the version of Rico? I’ve been looking for it for weeks now..

  26. z00m says:

    just subscribed..pls send me also a copy…me and my kids love this song…thanks…

  27. z00m says:

    hello, just subscribed..pls send me also a copy…me and my kids love this song…thanks…

  28. keane says:

    can i get a copy of either rico’s or the orig version. thanks….

    thanks again…more power…

  29. lee says:

    waa i’ve searching for that song over d net .. plz send me a copy if u have :D

    if there’s one any else has a copy plz send it to me!! here is my
    email :

    and tnx in advance :D

  30. ryu says:

    good day, could you give me a copy of that song?

  31. Macky Capuli says:


    I stumbled upon your entry and was wondering if you can send me a copy of Rico Blanco’s Come Closer version? i sooo love the song. im just so happy Rico gave justice to the song.

    Please please email it to me.

    Thanks in advanced!

  32. Ise says:

    really great song..
    hope to recieve a copy soon..

  33. good boy says:

    Hi! Can I ask for a copy of Rico Blanco’s version of Come Closer?—>


  34. sasa says:

    wow! can i please request for a copy of rico blanco’s version? that would be really awesome! thank you very much! ^_^ (and the foreign one too?)

  35. ren says:

    Hi! You may have sent it a dozen times already, but I have just subscribed, and so can I pls have a copy too? Haha. Thanks!!! :D

  36. Norms says:

    just subscribed!

    kindly send me the song :)


  37. ren says:

    Received it already. Thanks a lot! :)

  38. marq says:

    i like d song by rico… pls give me a copy.. tnx

  39. marq says:

    i hope ul respond. tnx

  40. gerald says:

    ty so much.. more power!

  41. Chien11 says:

    me also, i want to hear the songs every time i’ve alone…
    just send it to my email,
    thank you……Good Luck Rico Blanco!!!

  42. Rhob says:

    advanced thanks man! I’ll be waiting 4 the song

  43. mOn says:

    hi i ve signed up already, can i have the song pls? my daughter love this song…..


  44. David217 says:

    Hey, I’ve signed up already.. I’ll be waiting for the song Thanks in advance

  45. Jude says:

    hey, yah just dont know how much i love the close up commercial and the song, is it okay if i can have a copy of the lyrics of the song? my email is!!!

  46. Mary says:

    Hi! I really love the song.. can i have the version of rico blanco? by the way.. the guy is sooo cute.. It really catch my attention.. hehehe

    Tanx in advance mwa!

  47. Lord says:

    pls send me mp3 of rico blanco’s come closer. thanks in advance!

  48. nikki says:

    hi.. i’ve been looking for this song over a month already….can u pls. email it to me?pls.pls.pls…thanks in advance..

  49. daniel says:

    pls… pls send me mp3 of rico blanco‚Äôs come closer. thanks in advance!

  50. ylah says:

    Can i get a copy too of the mp3s? or is it too late already?

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