how to get a postal ID / identity card

my mom is a plain housewife and two months ago, a bank denied her savings account application because she cannot provide 2 valid IDs. she only had a voter’s ID and an AVON dealer ID then.

this morning, she went to the post office to get a postal identification card. it is generally honored by banks and other financial institutions here in the Philippines as proof of identity and is valid for 5 years.

here are the requirements:

1. application form – a 2-page paper worth 2.00 Php which you can get at the post office near you

2. 3 pcs. 2×2 ID picture with white background

3. community tax certificate (cedula) – fee depends on your occupation. in my mom’s case, she paid only 23.20 Php

4. barangay clearance – worth 20 Php

5. marriage contract (if married) and birth certificate

here in the City of Navotas, getting a postal ID is just a 1-day process and it is worth 300 Php, exclusive of the requirement expenses. they are not issuing an official receipt for this payment, which for me is questionable. my sister-in-law got hers for 350 Php in Cavite. i’ve read somewhere that in Quezon City, it costs 345 Php. why is there no fixed cost and receipt? i don’t know. requirements and processing also varies among cities so i strongly suggest that you verify them through the post office admin where you’re planning to get yours.

here’s an example image of a postal ID card from PHILPOST:

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