how to get a postal ID / identity card

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20 Responses to “how to get a postal ID / identity card”

  1. asinine lover says:

    no doubt!!! corruption is everywhere… for sure, POSTAL ID fee is lesser that what everybody pays…it’s just their tactics to earn extra…however, receipt is one valid proof to show how much is the actual fee…

  2. cakewarrior says:

    i agree with you. roseramos of rosario, cavite posted this in a forum ( ):

    “Municipal office of Rosario, Cavite particular in the Post office, required us to pay 315.00 to get postal id. The inclusions are id card -175.00, notary public-100.00, doc stamp-20.00, and for the lamination- 20.00. We want us to know f this information is true. because in some municiplaities they only get a P175.00 for the application.”

    so far, no replies yet. i really think that 300+ for a simple, typewritten postal ID is too much.

  3. reynan says:

    Question, Im from Valenzuela but i work in Makati. Can I apply for postal ID in makati because its more convenient. just a 2 minutes from work?

  4. cakewarrior says:

    i think you can get it in makati, IF you can get a barangay clearance in a makati address as well.

  5. J Gregerio says:

    Hi !!!!
    Can you please till how I can get a new ID card as I have lost mine here in Australia ??
    I have a photocopy of my last ID ONLY

  6. feron says:

    how long can I use my Postal ID?

  7. cakewarrior says:

    expiration of the ID is 5 years.

  8. rozel edaniol cruz says:

    how to renew my postal id via online

  9. lorenzo aragon says:

    Thank you very much for such information! I am thinking of getting a postal id first thing next year because like your mom i am having problems with identification, i mean i am not a criminal nor i have fictitious features however at times i am required to show 3 or more valid id’s which is annoying! nakakaines talaga ang sistema dito sa pinas…what makes the whole thing worst is that I am no longer a student which means my school id is not valid anymore also my passport is expired already, etc. I am not a supporter of the id system but if this is the case in the Philippines i think it would be more convenient for everyone if we just have an id system like most 1st world countries like South Korea and even the U.S have their social security number which is recognized everywhere in the U.S even if they can’t present any id they just give their s.s number and it is okay…..! hhhhaaaay! just thinking aloud!

  10. cakewarrior says:

    @rozel: i don’t think renewal through online processing is available.

    @lorenzo: i agree, sobrang pasakit ang pag-process ng mga documents dito sa pinas. i’m not losing hope though that everything will be made “express” and organized especially through the internet. thanks for dropping by!

  11. Atul says:


  12. pie says:

    true my curruption sa postal id for sure,this afternoon march 4 i went to post office for my releasing of postal id nd still not yet finish it…nd i pay 275 without any receipt but i read on form payment only 175,so im asking the old lady to give me a receipt nd you know what she did??she asked me where to used the receipt then suddenly she give it back to me my form nd the money i pay,”i told her i am only asking for receipt why you have to give it back to me my form nd money”nd i can see this old lady so angry with me is under goverment impossible no receipt in every payment….so strange

  13. Leusoj says:

    Banco de Oro denied my savings account application due to lack of valid IDs as well. Based from your post, it seems that postal ID is the easiest to get.

    Thanks for the valuable info. :)

  14. ferds dacanay says:

    the fastest ID to secure is the postal and TIN from BIR… i am working in a car dealership, we had the hard time to release our clients vehicle if they failed to produce atleast 2 gov,t issued ids. sakit ng pinoy kung kailan kailangan saka lang kukuha ng needed ids.

  15. grayz says:

    oh yeah! to tell you the truth everything in this country were really worst! that’s why this country never progressing at all!

  16. frank says:

    i think yan mga government i.d. na yan di’ na dapat ina-apply, dapat yan automatic na ini-issue na ng gobyerno! para anu pa at nagbabayad ka ng tax?!

  17. carrie says:

    i am in bulacan but called Central Post Office in Lawton if how much in getting a postal ID …they said its 175Php..but when i called valenzuela it is around 400+ and i asked the management why is it there is no standard amount of getting a postal ID, she told me it depends on notarial process..

    it seems, that i dont have a choice since im really far going to DFA to renew my passport and I really need that badly in the bank since they dont honor company ID alone. what a mess!

  18. Rosemarie says:

    gud day!

    just want to ask…how long does it takes in gettting a postal id?

  19. cakewarrior says:

    less than 1 hour lang po yun pero depende pa rin kung gaano karami ang kumukuha sa munisipyo ninyo, at kung gaano kasipag ang mga empleyado mag-process. hehe.