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free CHOCOLATE NIPS commercial MP3

Thursday, October 9th, 2008

do you remember this classic jingle?

you wanna see what happens in a bag of nips?
what goes on before they touch my lips?

they make a rainbow…
(chocolate nips)
a choco rainbow…
(chocolate nips)

and then they color all the flowers and they paint the trees
they’re sweet and delicious, look at all those bees

when i want fun, i get a bag of nips
and make a rainbow
(nips, nips)

if you’ve resided in the philippines during the 80’s, those words would sound familiar. every kid used to sing along with it (doesn’t matter if we got the lyrics right or wrong) and enjoy a cheap bag of this local m&m’s.

let’s hope that somebody would upload the classic NIPS commercial if they have kept a copy of it. too bad, there was no youtube then and no easy tv-to-computer capture devices. but anyway, here’s the revived jingle and video of the new chocolate nips commercial which i find quite very catchy and interesting too. check it out:

brings back sweet childhood memories :)


due to increasing number of email requests, i just decided to upload the song so that anyone may download it for free anytime. the MP3 is now available for download through this link: NEW CHOCOLATE NIPS COMMERCIAL JINGLE MP3. guaranteed safe and virus-free. thanks for dropping by guys!

NIDO commercial, free MP3

Saturday, March 15th, 2008

this is one of the best tv ads ever made… i grew up with strict and protective parents and this ad reminded me of the days when i was restricted to do stuff that as a child then, i had the right to experience. well my parents are not that strict now so, whatever. here’s the NIDO 3+ tv ad / commercial that i’m talking about:

“…see, i learned.”

i think i also need to include the lyrics and FREE MP3 of the new NIDO commercial here with SHARON CUNETA and her kids because many people are requesting for it:

(sharon, miel, frankie pangilinan)

Look at me mom
Shining like the sun
Bright as the day
You’re my number one
And there’s no treasure
That I will cherish like you

And when I smile
They all see you glow
And they all know
You’re my number one
My one and only joy
Is to give you my love

My one love for you
I give through and through
I see you and the signs that bring joy
That all the world can see so clearly

Look at me mom
Shining like the sun
Bright as the day
You’re my number one

click the link below if you want a free MP3 copy of this song. thank you for dropping by and happy bonding with your kids!!!

CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD: You’re My Number One – Sharon Cuneta and kids (NIDO COMMERCIAL)