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17 Responses to “THE ONE THAT GOT AWAY”

  1. mitchie says:


    this leaving me feeling homesick…lovesick…and terribly missing the feeling of being in love…

    am i the one for him?? awwww…it’s really a nice article…thanks for posting!

  2. sub says:

    wow, what an article to read for my birthday! nice thoughts :D

    anyway, weird thing was this has to be recommended my friend whos my crush for the longest time ever!…ako kaya yung “the one who got away nya?”
    .-= subĀ“s last blog ..morning rush =-.

  3. mitch says:

    this made me cry more… im torn between the two of them.. i know i will be selfish to hold them both, but the more i try to fix things the more i screw things up.. do u know the feeling of being happy with someone but u already have someone else.. and now.. i already lost that guy.. i screwed up… i want to choose him but ill be selfish if i do that coz more people will get hurt.. and now this situation is crushing me.. i hurt the one i found happiness with.. bec of a lie everything else (what we had) became lies too.. :'( i dont know if i should talk to him again since i know he would only think that i am lying again… this is so painful.. if only weve met at the right time and place…

  4. psyche says:

    made me cry

    this article is so great

  5. MsElaineKim says:

    this one gave me HOPE.
    srsly.. XD

  6. x0dtvco says:

    – You know what. . . , when i read this blog, i suddenly think its not too late. I have to find her, even though, I’m the person that gives her so much pain. That time, I’m afraid of something. . .
    – But now I’m different, I’m ready, I hope am not too late, to be with her again.
    – I don’t know if she will still give me another chance, but who cares. . . , i just want to make it right this time.
    – I’ll risk my time, efforts and i will do things I’ve never did before and every crazy thing that i could think of.. just to tell her i love her and i want to take good care of her. I’m different now. I’m ready.
    – And i hope she still loves me. . and forget the past.

  7. rjvs says:

    dude nice article. gave me hope to me also.

  8. Mark J. D. says:

    Nice. I’ll recommend this to my friend, Jean.

  9. Jean says:

    Thanks Mark J. D.

  10. Peter Paul S. D says:

    i can totally relate.

    i am the one that got away.

    right Jean?

  11. hannahphil says:

    Just like one of the comments above, this gave me hope. =)

  12. JB says:

    damn.. the first girl i’ve ever actually fallen in love with, just ended our relationship.. this article left me a sense of explanation. Not the perfect closure i was looking for but to the very least, gave me substance… tragic, yes… but still it pulled out what i needed to hear. Thank you

  13. joey says:

    i didnt know this went around, I wrote this in 1998

  14. Dip says:

    may i repost in my blog?

  15. ica says:

    hmmm.. made me think of a lot of things.. it isnt too late yet but it’s not yet the right time.

  16. Jv says:

    I have someone who got away. I had a long distance relationship and he pursued me. We were friends and i did not give him a chance. I loved him. He gave up on me. Then i married my bf. i still think of him. I am happy w my hubby but i still think of him. I miss him. Inthink i just regret that i never gave him a chance. He’s already in a relationship recently. We dont have any communication but we have common friends. I dont talk about him hut i still think of him.

  17. fox says:

    I was in a 7-year relationship before, we broke up because I cheated on her. it wasnt the first time that I did it, cause I was always having an affair with another girl. Now I realized that I was doing it because I was bored with our relationship, the routine that we had, I started to see her flaws, that she wasnt perfect at all, I kept on looking for something that wasnt there. And I never tried to work things out, it was always her who tries to keep everything together. She always had shown me unconditional love, she accepted me, my flaws, my short-comings and my mistakes, I was her Life. They way she looked at me, full of love, she always seen the best out of me, she was proud of me. She took care of me and she was the one who has always been there for me, through good and bad times, she never left me alone. But I was immature, I kept dwelling on my past, my first love, always had compared them, compared her with everyone, I wanted her to be flawless, I wanted to change her. Then I eloped with my new lover, I left her. without goodbye. She was broken, i heard. She forgets to eat, to go to work most of the time. I heard, she was crying all day, all night. She was looking for me.. I never cared about her. I let her be. Let her suffer alone while I was having fun. Then one day she stood up, started to live without me, they tell me.. she is ok now, having the time of her life.

    and now I miss her, I know I love her, she\s the one I wish to spend my whole life with. but I can never get her back. She’s my “the one who got away”

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